Music Composition And You: Thinking About What To Write

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Developing Strong And Emotional Subject Matter To Write About
Subject matter is a very important element in successful songwriting. Moreover, what you write about will inform and influence your performance and playing. Therefore, it is very important that you write about subjects that you sincerely care about. Nobody wants to listen to someone who is acting a part when they are singing. In this light, you should work hard at making each lyric representative of the entire song. The more honest you are, the better your songs will be.

The Main Difference Between Forcing A Read the rest of this entry »

Free Music Transcription Software For Your Computer

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The increase in technology advances for music transcription software makes it possible for you to create music on your computer. There is an app called Noteflight that allows you to create, hear or view music on your smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices. You can download the free trial version to see how it works. Music teachers especially like the convenience of this software. If you want to learn how to write music, consider taking music lessons. You can find Read the rest of this entry »

A History Of Rock And Roll

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Rock and roll is one of today’s most popular genres of music and it is a fairly new genre at that. Blues and country had elements of rock music in the 1920s, but it was not until much later that it formed its own genre. In the American south during the 1950s, African American blues, gospel and jazz fused together to form a new type of music called rock and roll.

The earliest rock music consisted of either a piano or saxophone as Read the rest of this entry »

Why It’s Important To Know Your Classical Composers

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Classical music remains to be one of the most influential and widely recognized kinds of music. The composers of classical music and their works should be known at an early age in order to recognize and witness its beauty. Classical music is also the backbone of music that is popular today.
Recognizing composers of classical music at a young age is known to bestow many benefits, such as heightened intelligence and reasoning skills. There have been many studies done to prove that classical composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Bach have a positive influence on people Read the rest of this entry »

How To Put Your Music Degree To Good Use

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Individuals that obtain music degrees have a plethora of options once they graduate. People that major in music have the ability to focus on different areas because music is such a diverse art form.

Some graduates of music make preparations to teach the gift of musicianship to others. This is diverse because there are a variety of instruments to focus on. Individuals also have the ability to choose different aspects like choral, band, or theatrical musicals.

Other people may endeavor into music production. This is a much more difficult to transition into, but it is Read the rest of this entry »

How To Take Good Care Of Your Sousaphone

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The Sousaphone is one of the most popular instruments in the history of the marching band. It is named after one of the greatest composers of marches, John Phillip Sousa. It is the instrument that is the marching equivalent of the Tuba and it is responsible for playing the bass notes in the marching band. Without the low end the marching band’s sound just really will not have the desired effect. If you play the Sousaphone, it is important that you take care of your instrument as well so it can last through Read the rest of this entry »

Tips On Improvising Over Funky Music

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Improvising on any type of music is a whole lot of fun, and is a great learning tool for anyone who wants to improve his or her skills. One particular type of music is both incredibly fun, and filled with challenges unique to the genre. This music is funk, and here are two tips for improvising over funky music that will help any soloist to a great degree.

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Why Music is Good For the Soul

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Doesn’t everyone remember how common music was in elementary school? Most of us learn to sing the ABCs, or perhaps did math while clapping. When was it that we forgot our very basic education? The love of listening to and playing music is ingrained in us, like the love for our parents or husband or wife. That’s why there are so many music sites online. It’s hard to visit them all, even though satellite internet from lets you listen to and download songs faster than dial-up.

However, sometimes we forget our love for playing instruments and then think, “Well, I’m too old to learn it now.” Well, that’s not necessarily true.

Music can be found in every culture, even if one form may sound very different from another. Music is played in almost every religion today. It nourishes our souls, brings back our memories and reminds us of the good times. If reading this inspired something in you I strongly encourage you to pick that guitar up, go take some singing lessons, and go for your dream because it’s never too late.

Haven’t you ever heard the number one killer is stress? Many of us need relief from the stress of our day jobs. How about doing something you love in your free time? Can anyone think of a better relief than to just go for a drive and listen to music? When’s the last time everyone went dancing? But even better, dance in the living room?

Music is the best remedy I’ve ever heard of. It’s good for the soul and body as well. It’s exercise, it’s deep breathing, stress relief, and it brings people together.

Breaking news: The Beatles join iTunesthat’s it

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On Nov 16, Apple posted an announcement on its website saying “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” Below it were four clocks with suspiciously-placed hands. Speculation ran rampant over what the announcement would besome suspected it was the rumored addition of 90-second song previews, while others hoped for some sort of cloud storage capability (pointing to the “never forget” phrasing as a clue). When some news outlets posted that the actual announcement was that the Beatles catalogue was being added to iTunes, it seemed too anticlimactic to believe. Undeterred, however, Apple went ahead and confirmed it. Read the rest of this entry »

CD Review

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Neil Young Le NoiseThe fact that Neil Young can release his 33rd full-length solo studio album at the age of 64 and still have it sound fresh and exciting is enough recommendation for anybody to check it out. Opener “Walk With Me” features more distortion than we’ve heard in a while, and when Young’s distinctive voice booms out over it, you get an instant flashback to the days of Crazy Horse and Buffalo Springfield. Read the rest of this entry »