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Posted on Oct 10, 2010 under CD Review, Current News | Comments are off

Neil Young Le NoiseThe fact that Neil Young can release his 33rd full-length solo studio album at the age of 64 and still have it sound fresh and exciting is enough recommendation for anybody to check it out. Opener “Walk With Me” features more distortion than we’ve heard in a while, and when Young’s distinctive voice booms out over it, you get an instant flashback to the days of Crazy Horse and Buffalo Springfield.The album is relatively short8 tracks at 37:59, with the longest, “Peaceful Valley Boulevard,” taking up 7:10 of that. However, you may need all that time to decompress after the darkly compelling “Hitchhiker,” a drug-fueled fantasy that starts as straight autobiography, but moves into modern myth. Overall, the album is mainly an electric affair, though “Love and War” and “Peaceful Valley Boulevard” show Young at his acoustic best. They also show that, although the album isn’t as self-consciously political as Living With War, Young still isn’t taking everything around him in stride.Overall, there’s absolutely no reason why every Neil Young fan shouldn’t already have this album. If, on the other hand, you’ve dabbled in Young’s records but never been hooked, or somehow have remained ignorant, this album has a good chance of being the one to draw you in.

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