Why Music is Good For the Soul

Posted on May 05, 2011 under Uncategorized | Comments are off

Doesn’t everyone remember how common music was in elementary school? Most of us learn to sing the ABCs, or perhaps did math while clapping. When was it that we forgot our very basic education? The love of listening to and playing music is ingrained in us, like the love for our parents or husband or wife. That’s why there are so many music sites online. It’s hard to visit them all, even though satellite internet from http://get.wildblue.com/ lets you listen to and download songs faster than dial-up.

However, sometimes we forget our love for playing instruments and then think, “Well, I’m too old to learn it now.” Well, that’s not necessarily true.

Music can be found in every culture, even if one form may sound very different from another. Music is played in almost every religion today. It nourishes our souls, brings back our memories and reminds us of the good times. If reading this inspired something in you I strongly encourage you to pick that guitar up, go take some singing lessons, and go for your dream because it’s never too late.

Haven’t you ever heard the number one killer is stress? Many of us need relief from the stress of our day jobs. How about doing something you love in your free time? Can anyone think of a better relief than to just go for a drive and listen to music? When’s the last time everyone went dancing? But even better, dance in the living room?

Music is the best remedy I’ve ever heard of. It’s good for the soul and body as well. It’s exercise, it’s deep breathing, stress relief, and it brings people together.

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