How To Take Good Care Of Your Sousaphone

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The Sousaphone is one of the most popular instruments in the history of the marching band. It is named after one of the greatest composers of marches, John Phillip Sousa. It is the instrument that is the marching equivalent of the Tuba and it is responsible for playing the bass notes in the marching band. Without the low end the marching band’s sound just really will not have the desired effect. If you play the Sousaphone, it is important that you take care of your instrument as well so it can last through the season.You can find a quick rundown here

The Sousaphone is made from brass which means that it can become green and worn down easily. This means that you must polish it often when you use it. Any brass polishing cloth will do and it will not require you to get the instrument wet. Just wipe the instrument down with the polishing cloth after every time that you play it. To make sure the valves work you should oil them every time as well with some valve oil. The last thing to clean is the inside of the horn. The good thing about brass instruments in comparison to woodwinds is that they do not have the leather pads that woodwinds have so you can simply clean them out with soap and water on the inside and not have to worry about damaging the instrument.

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